Life of a Marriage Counselor.

Living as a marriage counselor is like devoting your entire life fixing other marriages and relationships. My own marriage separation took place 3 years ago right after I started practicing and gotten myself involved with one of my own clients. The woman was constantly visiting my chamber during my visiting hours and she would cry her eyes out saying how she missed him, his warm hard body all over herself and making her wet. She was herself trying to get all over myself, and well me being me, just had been there for the support and nothing else. Of course I took precaution and was aware about my reputation as a counselor. Some women are able to maintain the libido while there are the others who can’t. and my client happened to be the horny woman. My god, she turns into a wild beast in bed and I had to use my strength to subdue that strong woman while making her ask for more and more, deeper and deeper. I remember that night when she whispered into my ear, “Let’s get naked…” the warmth of her breath and the strawberry smell of her lip gel made me stiff and aroused. I held my hands on her hips and made her sit on the table as she started unbuckling my jeans while I was busy unbuttoning her shirt. I touched her perky, soft rounded breasts and felt the amazing softness. Her nipples were hard and I started licking those circling my tongue as she started moaning out of orgasm. While I was actually doing her on the sofa when I was actually in the motion and thrusting myself inside her, that’s when my wife walked in on us and caught us red handedly. Although there was no evidence and the scene shocked her badly enough to cause numbness. I might be sounding like a ruthless asshole, but I felt bad too and still regret for the day when the love of my life left me forever. Maybe I too should get some help from Meister Counseling Yelp